Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wheat Wednesday - May 20th

Ahh, a neutral breather in the middle of a colorful week. I do really love cream and and ecru and oatmeal and wheat and all the zillions of variations on off-white. Can't you just taste those snickerdoodles??? YUM!

Enjoy the visual sigh.

-- Cheryl

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Vanessa Monet said...

It was hard for me to choose between the steel blue or wheat as my favorite. Sienna was a close third....I love a bold rust color!
But today, I the comforting, warm color of wheat did it. I'm checking out that soap!

Bethany said...

Mentioning snickerdoodles is what won me over to this post. I love snicker doodles!

Rebecca said...

i wish i had a snickerdoodle! i was planning on making cookies tomorrow- maybe now i will make snickerdooldes! i really like the logs!