Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Turquoise Tuesday - May 19th

tur⋅quoise [tur-koiz, -kwoiz] –noun

1. Turquois, an opaque mineral. A basic hydrous copper aluminum phosphate often containing a small amount of iron, sky-blue or greenish-blue in color.

2. Turquoise blue. a greenish blue or bluish green.


1350–1400; Turkish (stone), From French turquoise meaning "Turkish"; the original material from the south slopes of the Al-Mirsah-Kuh Mountains (Iran), found its way to Europe via Turkey.

Odontolite. O*don"to*lite\, n. [Odonto- + -lite.]
Odontolite is a turquoise simulant derived from fossil bones, most commonly the teeth of mastodon and other large species of mammals.

-- from www.dictionary.com and www.mindat.org.

Enjoy today's Etsy finds in turquoise! And, follow that link to Odontolite...it's a cool article about bone turquiose and mastodon teeth. Who knew?

-- Cheryl

Permanent Etsy Store Links:

sweettweets (top left)
vesselsandwares, Jeanette Zeis (top right)
Tanis Fiber Arts (middle left)
yumiyumi, Aline Yamada (middle right)
ellecools (bottom left)
ExoticFlavour, Amanda Yu (bottom right)


M said...

I am loving your all things colorful posts - you learn something new every day!
Turquoise is my favorite color. I was thrilled to see Leila's fused glass jewelery here, her pendants are gorgeous!

Zarina said...

What a great way to celebrate your opening of the studio. My first favourite color is green but now I am more into a mixture of blue and green such as turquoise and teal.

isabel f. said...

lovely choises in turquoise!!
great colourful idea :)))
lovely blog :))

Tam said...

That Babhuska doll is DEVINE!!

susan marie designs said...

Mmm, I love turquoise and I love the reds, even more I love the two together (as in a few here). Lovely picks and composition! Congrats on the new blog ❤

tammi said...

this is my absolute favorite of your color days! The fused glass jewelry is fantastic!