Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Machine

I have a sewing machine I refer to as a she. Don't get any ideas, I am not crazy enough to name her.
Machine type: Baby Lock Quilter's Choice
Cost: Approx 500-600 I forgot
The new machines are a little steep, but I imagine they have more technology. I know it has been very dependable.
The quilt shop I found it at was going out of business and offered it to me at a discount.
The best thing about my machine is she's quiet.
The worst thing is I don't know how to use all of it's functions.
The only problem with buying her during a going out of business sale is the shop could not provide me with classes to teach me how to utilize all or most of it's features.
It has not broken down at all. Knock on wood. I have had her for about 3-4 years, I forgot.
I sew all my projects with her. I have done handbags, quilts, blankets, children's clothing, you name it.
Advice: No matter what machine you have it really helps to take a class on the basics.
PS. Cheryl, Roxanne and I have learned very quickly that it is a royal pain hauling our machines from place to place by hand. The best thing to do is invest in a good rolling cart for your machine. The local fabric should have them or order online. Mine is big enough for my machine and my current project.

Friday, July 17, 2009

sewing machine story

Yes, I do have a funny story about sewing machines. Cheryl, Roxanne and I try to get together once a week to sew. After a long day of work,I was tired and in the confusion of cords and unpacking our sewing items, I managed to plug in my machine. Then my machine started acting strange. It wouldn't stop sewing after I lifted my foot off the pedal. I tried to turn my machine off and on, rethreaded it, then I started to think it was a supernatural phenomenon. I thouhgt my mom was trying to annoy me or my recently deceased friend was trying to help. I have a creative imagination. Then I thought maybe it was a special feature I stumbled upon. I even called a local shop that sold my machine to help me solve my problem. They never heard of this special feature and wanted me to bring it in. I finally accepted the fact that this was how my machine worked and tried to adjust to the new style of sewing. At some point in the evening Cheryl was helping me with my project, started sewing on my machine and realized my machine wasn't working properly. Then Cheryl began assembing her machine and could not locate her cords. She searched everywhere, she even searched my sewing machine bag and said,"Whose cords are these?" I insisted she must have accidently put her cords in my bag, but that wasn't the case. I accidently swiped her cords from the table, plugged them in my machine and left mine in the bag. That was why my machine didn't work.I am so glad I didn't haul my machine all the way to the repair shop only to reveal an embarrassing mistake. We get a kick at laughing at ourselves. Only I have to admit it's a lot easier when someone else goofs up. So let that be a lesson to you all. Don't try to put someone else's cords in your machine. It just doesn't work.