Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sienna Saturday - May 23rd

Hi all,

Have I mentioned that I love looking things up in the dictionary? And now that we have great dictionary resources on the internet, there is no excuse for not learning unfamiliar words. That said, after I read the sienna definition, I had to look up ferruginous.

sienna si⋅en⋅na  [see-en-uh] –noun
1. a ferruginous earth used as a yellowish-brown pigment (raw sienna) or, after roasting in a furnace, as a reddish-brown pigment (burnt sienna).
2. the color of such a pigment.

1750-60, "earth of Siena," from a city in central Italy,
where the coloring material was first produced.

ferruginous  [fuh-roo-juh-nuhs] –adjective

1. Geology. iron-bearing: ferruginous clays.
2. of the color of iron rust.

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Julia Marie said...

I love that notebook too - I'll definitely be checking back for more of your etsy finds!
[Also, I'm a huge fan of ladybugs!]

pinecone304 said...

I really like the fabric in the middle. It is so pretty with the other colors. Thanks for letting finding neat things from etsy.

Iva said...

That's funny. My husband tells me he used to sit and read the dictionary for pleasure.

Louisa said...

Mmmm sienna. This was my favorite picture of the color palette posts.