Sunday, May 24, 2009

Steel Blue Sunday - May 24

Hi all,

Months ago I picked up a few yards of Moda's Marbles Pacific Blue to coordinate with a jelly roll filled with Charisma by Chez Moi. I just the love the color...very rich and surprisingly close to the color of the Pacific Ocean for those who have never been. I guess Angie loved it too, because she bought some for a quilt she is making her brother.

While Angie and I were sewing the other night (with our great friend, Roxanne), Angie ran out of thread. I loaned her my spool that matched that the Pacific Blue fabric exactly. When she returned it, she said, "thanks for the green thread." Immediately I said, "Green? Don't you mean blue". We both shrugged our shoulders and moved on with our projects. I thought about it later and wondered why Angie thought the fabric and thread were green.

Maybe now I know the answer. I learned on Wikipedia that in many languages blue is the same word as green. Check out this detailed list of languages and how they handle blue/green.

Who knew?? I guess Angie and I were both right.
Whatever the color, enjoy today's Etsy finds!

-- Cheryl
Ladybug Sewing Studio

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Coleen Olson Art (top left)
Sally Magundy (top right)
BrownBirdMarket (middle left)
Lillian Olive (middle right)
Alchemic Muse (bottom left)
she bear designs (bottom right)


Lottie said...

Wow I never knew that - is that the reason why so may colour blind people have problems distinguishing between those two?

hcotten said...

this may explain why I can never decide if my favorite color is blue or green.

Tanya said...

Cool tidbit of info, love the "blue" pics too. :)

Prairie Girl said...

I absolutely love your arrangement of pictures by colour. Well done!

Julia Marie said...

Love those glass buttons from LillianOlive. Great finds!

Cassie said...

Oh how I love blue! These pictures are great!

lale said...

I like all of your colorful picks! But, these cobalt blue items are my faves.

Should we rename the colors and combine them to ease confusion? If so, would we call it bleen or grue?

Mary said...

Gorgeous etsy finds! Teal (really just a mix of blue and green)is my favorite color. Interesting to know that in many languages their words are the same - you learn something new everyday!

ugli.tangelo.fruit at gmail dot com