Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tomato3 Thursday - May 21st


Back to vivid color today! This color is called Tomato3 on the CCS color chart. What a perfect description...just like a ripe tomato hanging from the vine in a garden! Enjoy these beautiful Etsy finds.

Next week, Sew Mama Sew is hosting a Giveaway Day. Angie and I are going to host a Giveaway in celebration of our Etsy shop's Grand Opening. So, last night I was working in my studio when Michael Miller's Gerberalicious fabric caught my eye from the fabric shelf. Ahhhh. I love that fabric! I snapped up 1.5 yards as soon as I saw it at Strawberry Patches, a local quilt store. Wouldn't that giveaway be a wonderful end to our crazy colorful week?

I'll confirm with Angie tonight. But, I'm thinkin' those beautiful flowers might be the prize! And maybe even some coordinating black on white polka dots. Mmmmmm.

-- Cheryl

Permanent Etsy Store Links:

storeyshop (top left)
damosel (top right)
karaku (middle left)
Zip It Zipper Supply (middle right)
historicallyvintage (bottom left)
ThePendantFactory (bottom right)


cindy said...
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cindy said...

ah red! I was going to comment just to get an extra entry if I was top 5, but--I'sd HAVE to comment on RED!! Love that color--and I LOVE that little red bird in the corner--