Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Trip to the Fabric Store

Hi all,

Okay...I really, really try to go fabric shopping once a month. That's how I get paid, so that's when I have the cash to invest in my stash (and new business). So, on payday, I made my rounds and bought some really lovely fabric.

But, yesterday I found myself back at Strawberry Patches to pick up "just one more yard of bird fabric" for a special order. And then I saw it! A brand new shipment from Fabri-Quilt. Right on top was the most beautiful could have been painted with watercolors right there on the cutting table. Andromeda by Paintbrush Studio, pattern 832, photo posted above. I had to have it! Just two yards, that's all. Oh, and maybe a half yard of coordinating pattern 833, a delicate pink, and soft pale green to go with. And, I might as well pick out the binding too.

I should have walked away...but what if it was gone when I returned?? What a beautiful and relaxing color palette! I just had to have it.

Plus, it reminds me of the flowering bushes on the college campus where I work. So, I took a photo of my favorite blue bushes for you to enjoy too!

-- Cheryl

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