Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year's Re-sew-lution

Okay, dorky title. But I couldn't help myself.

I'm not normally one for resolutions in January. But Angie and I talked about it over lunch yesterday and we've just got to get this blog going again. We love reading others' why is it so hard to produce one ourselves?

I think so many of you wonderful bloggers out there make it look easy -- when in reality you have invested lots of time and effort dreaming up ideas, writing tutorials and other content, designing great banners, and compiling the many awesome sewing links out there. I don't know if we have the tools or the energy to contribute much. But I do know we like to talk about our sewing projects and new skills that we're learning. We're good at show and tell, so we'll just focus on that for a while.

-- Cheryl

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